Dr Penny Sartori & Kelly Walsh

As a society we are all taught to fear death, yet for those who have touched it, and returned to tell the tale, the message they’ve brought back is drastically different...

In The Transformative Power of NDEs (November 2017) NDE expert and academic Dr. Penny Sartori and NDE experiencer Kelly Walsh bring together incredible case studies of people from all around the world who have had remarkable NDEs, and whose lives have been positively transformed by them in a variety of ways. Kelly Walsh's own story is incredibly inspiring. Now 42, she tried to take her own life in 2009 after years of suffering from trauma and depression. She then had an NDE during which she felt true love and connection, and heard the words 'like minded souls will collaborate to change the world'. She realised she still had so much value in herself and her life, and had much more to bring to the world. Afterwards, she struggled to be taken seriously by family, friends, and health professionals alike. Despite these many obstacles, she has spent the last 8 years setting up a charity to help children in need, bringing together people from all over the world in an international support network for NDEs, falling in love, and writing this book- all because of her NDE.This book brings together the best elements of questions about consciousness, life after death, and the cracks in our health and mental healthcare systems, alongside the personal, powerful, and ultimately positive real life stories of ordinary people and their extraordinary experiences. 

Kelly and Penny will offer their unique double insights on NDEs, from their respective personal and professional perspectives. They will discuss consciousness beyond the brain, life after death, how it feels to touch death, and ultimately, what it means for you when you come back to life.