Bipin Patel - Aetherius Society

Bipin Patel is the Derby Group Organiser of The Aetherius Society. At a young age, Bipin recognised the vital significance and urgency of the extraterrestrial message conveyed to humanity through The Aetherius Society. He has dedicated himself to this very active organisation, which is cooperating with advanced extraterrestrial intelligences to save humanity from calamity and paving the way for the spiritual renaissance which is dawning on this Earth.


Bipin Patel has been a keen student of metaphysical subjects for over 35 years, and has a deep interest in helping others realise their inner potential. He has lectured on the cosmic message from extraterrestrial intelligences and is a course instructor for The Aetherius Society.


Professional background

Bipin Patel graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of London. He has worked for over 20 years in research laboratories, doing pioneering work on optical fibre system that are now extensively deployed in telecommunications networks. He is currently self-employed as a systems consultant to the aerospace, automotive and rail industries.