Barry Fitzgerald

Irish born Barry Fitzgerald has nearly 30 years’ experience within the world of the supernatural. Appearing throughout all of the Ghost Hunters International series he headed a team on the American NBC owned SyFy network and explored a quandary of paranormal and supernatural phenomenon around the globe. His natural progression led to the writing and publishing of books on subjects within his field of research such as The Complete Approach‘The Influence’‘My Home Is Haunted Now What?’‘In The Mist Of Gods’‘Banshee’‘Searching The Sídhe‘ and of course ‘Legend Seekers’. An exciting new trilogy of fiction began in 2015 which include the novellas The Council Of Three , The Malice of Darkness & Fracture released in March 2017.

Barry’s new line of research has taken him out of his comfort zone and into areas of Irish myth, legend and folklore leading him into the shadowy depths of the underworld not only in Ireland but around the globe uncovering shocking similarities between cultural stories. Discovering a line of knowledge hidden within Neolithic tombs has exposed a global network of doorways which could expose the true gods behind the veil.

The Talk

Barrys research has lead him around the world finding similarities in cultural and tribal tradiations which ultimately brought him to the doorway of the underworld both within his own culture and others around the world. The Neolithic of Ireland were simply not communing with their imagination, through his research he will explain the connections between the Neolithic chambers and accoustics. The images left behind by our ancestors indicate particular frequencies to activiate these doorways to other places beyond our normal sphere of existance and how this ancient knowledge has been hidden in plain site. These doorways are not for the faint hearted and many are still gaurded by gatekeepers to this very day, entities that portray themselves as gods and continue to have an effect on our lives in the modern world. 

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