Amy Holland

The role of ET's and interdimensional beings in channelling light language to realign the psyche with pure consciousness. Featuring a chance to access example channellings from the forthcoming book by Amy Holland and experience working with her light language deck "Stargate".

Amy Holland came to the movement through connection with spirit and interdimensional beings as a child, in her 20's she went on to train as a spiritual and crystal healer as well as completing a Masters degree in Psychotherapy and Healing Practices. Over time the ability to channel messages and downloads from her ET guides refined into the production of light language and activation symbols. Amy has a passion for combining the elements of channelling, healing, consciousness, light language and orgonite/crystals to bring to humanity a method for refining the psyche to align with pure consciousness. 

On the day I will be producing a set of paintings and prints exclusively for your event to exhibit on my stand and I'll be doing pencil guidance drawings with accompanying Light language in the form of activaton codes and/or symbolic tools for healing/downloads.